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History of AAUP-CC

University of Peradeniya was established as a part of the then University of Ceylon in 1952, initially with 2nd year students of law faculty who were studying at Colombo and subsequently with the Arts faculty in 1953.Later there were intake of students to Science, Medical & Dental, Engineering, Agriculture faculties, etc.. Although more than 50000 graduates have passed out there was no alumni association until 1987 except for a few residential hall alumni associations viz. Marrs Hall Alumni Association, Jayathilake Hall Alumni Association , Arunachalma Hall Alumni Association, etc..

In 1987 the then Vice Chancellor initiated the formation of the Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya. At that meeting where 250 members were present, a constitution was accepted and the association was formed.The constitution of Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya allowed to form subsidiary associations as chapters of the parent association In 1990 December, a group of professionals living in Colombo who were founder members of the parent association took the initiation to organize to form a Colombo Chapter of the University of Peradeniya.

The first president of the association was late Dr. Gamini Gunasekera who as a founder member and as the founder president of the Marrs Hall Alumni Association took a keen interest in forming this body. He was president till 1992 Feb and Brig. Harsha Gunarathne was elected as the 2nd president and in year 1993 February, Mr. Chandrananda de Silva was elected as the 3rd President of the council of management. Subsequently Mr. A.,R.C. Perera became the 4th president of the association for 2 years followed by the 5th president Dr. Ranjith Weerasinghe. In Feb 2000, Mrs. Chitra Karunarathna was elected as the 6th president of the association and Dr. Kingsley Wickramasuriya was elected the 7th President in Feb 2002.

The association has a membership comprising of alumni living mainly in the western province and functions as a separate chapter and work closely with the parent association and the existing other chapters, Ruhunu Chapter and the Wayamba Chapter.Also as most of the hall Alumni Associations function from Colombo we have a close relations with such hall and Faculty Alumni Associations.

The Association is rendering service to the needy students at the University of Peradeniya for the last 13 years by providing scholarships, hosting eye camps and donating spectacles for needy students and organizing career guidance seminars, skills development programs, social gatherings etc.

The Association has a membership committee promoting membership among alumni living around western province and abroad .The vice president Mr. R. Jinith de Silva who is the live wire behind the membership drive for the last 13 years is looking after the membership since the founding of the Association in 1990.

We have been helping our members in distress providing necessary funds for medical needs. Sampath Bank launched a credit card for the benefit of the members of the association, by joining this credit card scheme, the members are indirectly helping to increase our association funds. In year 1994 when Mr. Chandrananda de Silva was the president due to the keenness of the then Secretary Mr. Bernard Silva and Mr. Jinith de Silva, the Association built a house at Karandeniya for the benefit of late Ms. Rupa Rathnasilee, a rag victim paralyzed since 1973 due to an incident of ragging at Ramanathan Hall.

The Association has been obtaining through various fund raising events the necessary finances for activities of the association and we have to thank the various members; state and private institutes who contributed immensely to increase financial resources of the Association.

The Association has organized several orations of public importance during last 13 years and also has been organizing each year members family get together and annual general meeting. The council has been meeting once a month and we have developed a practice of getting a guest speaker after the monthly meeting and usually the talks at these meetings were of general importance in various fields such as medicine, engineering, politics, history, culture, religion, etc.

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